Grá Ag Trá

I frequently fantastize about a mythical ‘ideal life’ with no errors or challenges.

One day I lost my car-key on Salthill beach. In the process of trying to recover it, people were really kind to me: total strangers kept an eye out for it on their walks, a friend helped me look through seaweed for hours, the Gardaí came and helped me break into my car, and my mother drove me home to get my spare key. When I first realised I’d lost my key I was stressed and frustrated, but the helpfulness of strangers and loved ones turned an initially crappy experience, into a relatively happy one! I found out how lovely humans are; I got to know how fantastic my pal was in a crisis; I developed a new-found appreciation for the boys in blue; I had a laugh; I got a LOT of exercise; and I got to spend time with my Mom. I deliberately crafted this tune to work in both a minor and major key, and I wrote it to metaphorically redefine an ‘ideal life’ for myself: a life where I admit and accept the inevitable errors and challenges that arrive, and meet them as best I can, hopefully with the help of others.