Payson’s Graduation

I know a very special young fella, Payson, living in a small town in Oregon called St. Paul. Due to coronavirus I couldn’t make it to his school-leaving ceremony … so I wrote him this song (in a country style) as a kind of artistic substitute. St. Paul is famous for its rodeo, hence the reference in verse 3 🙂 *Comhgairdeas* ó chroí leat, congratulations from my heart, Payson, for the big achievement of finishing school!!


Verse 1:

In the small town of Saint Paul, they’re gonna have a ball,

As the class of ’21 have their party!

And though we’re not by your side, our hearts are full of pride,

And our spirits are with you from ‘cross the sea.


For oh, oh, Payson, it’s your graduation!

You might be really bored, or full of fear?

But we wanted to let you know that we love and miss you so …

And we’re oh-so-proud of you for getting here!

Verse 2:

In the state of Oregon, there’s only one “Payson”,

That we hold in the centre of our hearts.

He is mad for games and muscles, he’s handy in a tussle,

We love all of him, oh every single part!

Verse 3:

In this rodeo of life, you’ve had your share of strife …

But now you’ve gone and roped yourself a steer!

So pat yourself (like *this*), and get a big ‘ole kiss,

And listen to us give you a great big cheer!