A List Of 700 Emotions

Maybe you tried asking yourself ‘Am I mad, glad, sad, or scared?‘ and you drew a blank? Well, according to research at UC Berkeley, that might not be your fault. They don’t think there’s 4 emotions… they think there’s 27.

Me being an utter nerd, I got the Berkeley researchers’ list of emotions … grouped them as they tend to occur together … and then added synonyms & associated words.

Here’s the result: my master list of around 700 emotions. If you can’t figure out what you’re feeling, try reading through this list and see if any words here strike a chord.

1. disgust: abhorrence,  contemptous,  disapproving,  disdainful,  disgust,  dismissive, distaste,  loathing,  nauseated,  repelled,  repugnance,  repulsed,  revolted,  scornful,  sickened

2. horror: doomed,  dread,  horror,  petrified, terrified

3. fear: afraid,  alarmed,  alert,  avoidant,  bashful,  boastful, clinging, clutching,  coerced,  cold,  controlled,  cowardly,  cynical,  deceptive,  derisive,  devious,  disinclined,  distant,  distrustful, dominant,  dominated,  doubtful, edgy,  fear,  frightened,  gloating,  grandiosity,  guarded,  insecure,  insincere,  judgemental, jumpy,  malevolent,  malicious,  manipulated,  meek, mistrustful, morbid,  nasty,  obedient,  paranoid,  pessimistic,  pious,  quivery,  reluctant,  reserved,  ruthless,  sarcastic,  scared,  sceptical,  self-conscious,  shy,  smug,  spiteful,  submissive,  suspicious,  tense,  threatened,  timid,  unnerved,  unwilling,  uptight,  vengeful,  vicious ,  vigilant, vulnerable,  wary, watchful,  withdrawn

4. anxiety: angst,  anxious,  apprehensive,  cautious,  concerned,  consternation, hesitant, jumpy,  nervous,  trepidation,  worry

5. anger: abominate,  aggravated,  aggressive,  angry,  animosity,  annoyance,  antipathy,  averse,  bitter,  bothered,  cheeky, critical,  cross,  defensive,  disgruntled,  dislike,  displeasure,  ennervated,  exasperated,  fed up,  ferocity,  frustrated,  fury,  grouchy,  hate,  hatred,  hostile,  impertinent,  indignant,  insulted,  insulting,  irked,  irritated,  livid,  mad,  miffed,  offended,  outraged,  peeved,  petty,  petulant,  piqued, prickly,  provoked,  quarrelsome,  rage,  rattled,  reproachful,  resentful,  rude,  sulky,  sullen,  vexed,  wrath,

6. sadness: bereft,  blue,  chagrined,  crestfallen,  crushed,  defeated,  dejected,  depressed,  desolate,  despair,  despondent,  disappointment,  disconsolate,  disenchanted,  disillusioned,  dismal,  doleful,  down,  down in the dumps,  forlorn,  gloomy,  glum,  grief,  heartbroken, homesick,  melancholy,  miserable,  mopey,  morose,  mournful,  regret, sad,  sorrowful,  sympathetic,  teary,  unhappy,  weepy,  woebegone

7. pain: abandoned,  aching,  afflicted,  agitated,  agony,  alienated,  anguish, apologetic,  cantankerous, contrite,  cranky, culpable, defeated, disconnected, discontent, discouraged, dissatisfied, distraught,  distressed, empathetic pain,  grumpy, guilt,  hateful,  hurt,  hysterical,  ignorant,  inadequate,  inferior,  isolated,  lonely,  naive,  needy,  neglected,  perturbed, regret, rejection, remorseful,  shame,  shock,  smarting,  sore, sorry,  suffering,  throbbing,  tormented,  tortured,  troubled,  unappreciated,  uncomfortable,  unsupported,  unworthy,  upset,  wretched

8. surprise: astonished,  astounded,  bombshell,  disbelief,  dismay,  dumbstruck,  flabbergasted, flustered,  revelation,  shock,  startled,  stunned,  surprised,  thunderbolt, ‘wow’-ed

9. relief,  abated,  allayed,  alleviated, “a narrow escape”,  appeased,  assuaged,  comforted,  completed,  consoled,  delivance,  discharged,  dulled,  eased,  exemption,  finished,  freed,  lessened,  liberated,  mitigated,  processed,  reassured,  reduced,  released,  relieved,  repose, safe,  solace,  soothed,  succour

10. excitement: anticipation,  edgy,  excitement,  hyper,  intensity,  jittery,  manic,  pep,  restless, stimulated,  thrilled,  vim, wanderlust,  zest  

11. interest: absorbed,  allure,  anticipation,  appeal,  attentive,  attraction,  charmed,  compulsive, curious,  eager,  engrossed,  enthralled,  enthusiastic,  expectant,  fascinated,  focused,  immersed,  inquisitive,  inspired,  interest,  introspective,  involved,  keen,  meditative,  obsessed,  passionate,  pensive,  reflective,  seduced,  tempted,  zealous

12. satisfied: appeased,  assuaged,  content,  eureka!,  fulfilled,  gratified,  pleased,  proud,  satiated,  satisfied,  triumph,  victorious

13. awkward: awkward,  cumbersome,  cumbrous,  difficult,  embarrassment,  fiddly,  humiliation,  inappropriate,  inconvenient,  inopportune,  lumbersome, mortified,  shame,  silly,  tricky,  uncomfortable,  unfortunate,  unpleasant, unsteady,  unwieldy

14. amused:  amused,  cheered,  diverted,  engaged,  enlivened,  entertained,  funny,  giggly,  humorous,  in convulsions,  jocular,  laughter,  mirth,  mischievous,  naughty,  playful,  regaled,  smiling, tickled,  whimsical,  witty,  zany

15. joy: aligned, authentic,  blissed-out,  buoyant, buzz,  carefree,  cheerful,  click,  content,  creative,  deliciously lazy,  delighted,  ebullient,  ecstatic,  elated,  enlightened,  euphoric,  exuberant,  exultation,  fulfilled,  gay,  glad,  glee,  grateful,  happy,  harmonious,  hopeful,  jovial,  joyful,  jubilation,  kick,  lighthearted,  nice, pleased, pleasure,  rapture,  rejoicing,  thankful,  upbeat,  uplifted,  vivacious

16. adoration: adoration,  affable,  affection,  agreeable,  altruistic,  attached,  caring,  charitable,  comforted,  comforting,  compassionate,  concerned,  connected,  considerate,  cooperative,  devoted,  empathetic,  fond,  friendly,  hospitable,  kind, liking,  lovable,  loved,  loving,  pity,  reassured,  reassuring,  secure,  self-compassion,  sociable,  supported,  supportive,  tender,  thoughtful,  trusted, valued,  warm

17. admiration: acclaim,  accolade,  admiration,  adulate,  amazed,  applause,  appreciate,  approve, bowled over, blown away,  compliment,  esteem,  exalt,  extol, impressed,  laud,  plaudit,  praise,  proud,  regard,  respect,  touched,  tribute,  venerate

18. awe: astonishment,  awe,  honour,  idolise, impressed,  inspired,  lionise,  moved,  respect,  revere,  reverent,  venerate,  wonder,  worship, , 19. aesthetic appreciation, attend, notice, note,  value,  respect,  prize,  cherish,  treasure,  admire,  comprehend,  perceive,  sense,  aesthetic appreciation,  touched,  moved,  wonder

20. craving: aspiring to,  broody,  covetous,  craving,  desire,  dreaming of,  envious, greedy for,  hankering after,  have a yen for,  hoping for, hungry,  impatient,  infatuated,  jealous,  longing, malnourished, pining,  possessive, rivalrous,  sated,  satiated,  seeking,  thirsty, undernourished,  wanting,  wishing,  yearning

21. calm: at ease, calm,  certain,  chilled out,  complacent,  composed, content, equanimity,  fatalistic,  free,  loose,  mollified,  nonchalant, nurtured,  pacific,  pacified,  peaceful, philosophical,  placated,  placid,  quiet,  reasoned,  relaxed,  repose,  resigned,  self-possessed, secure,  serene,  soothed,  still,  sure,  tranquil, trusting,  unruffled

22. entranced: absorbed,  beguiled,  bewitched,  captivated,  carried away,  engrossed,  enraptured,  enthralled,  entranced,  fascinated,  gripped,  hypnotised, intrigued,  mesmerised,  riveted,  spellbound,  touched

23. confused: addled,  baffled,  befuddled,  bemused,  bewildered,  chaotic,  clueless,  conflicted,  confused,  consternation,  demented,  disoriented,  jumbled,  lost,  mixed up,  muddled,  nonplussed,  puzzled,  stuck,  torn,  troubled,  uncertainty,  unclear,  undecided,  uneasy, unsure,  volatile

24. bored: absent,  ambivalent,  apathetic,  blasé,  bored,  careless,  detached,  disengaged,  disinterested,  distracted, ennui,  inattentive,  indifferent,  jaded,  lacklustre,  lax,  listless,  monotonous,  mundane,  palled on,  passive,  preoccupied,  rash,  reckless,  spiritless,  stultified,  stupefied,  tedious,  unmotivated,  vacant

25. nostalgic: bittersweet,  emotional,  evocative,  homesick,  maudlin,  nostalgic,  reminiscing,  romantic, sentimental,  wisful,  yearning

26. romantic,  affectionate,  amorous,  doting,  dreaming,  enamoured,  fantasizing,  fond,  intimate,  lovey-dovey,  loving,  mushy,  passionate, romantic,  tender-hearted,  visioning

27. sexual desire: amatory,  amorous,  ardent, aroused, attracted,  carnal,  erotic,  horny,  hot,  impassioned,  intimate,  lustful,  passionate,  randy,  sensual,  sensuous,  sexual, stimulated,  sportive,  turned on

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Emma MacAdam, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Oxford English Dictionary