An Eco-Friendly Fry

I’m a big fan of the ‘Full Irish’ breakfast.

But I calculated that it contains around 288g of pork, which according to this article, produces around 1.76kg of carbon dioxide.

So, to assuage my ecological conscience, I limit the ‘Full Irish’ to special occasions.

However, today I just figured out that a typical fry provides at least 33.9g of protein, which is more than your body can process efficently .

Typical fry ingredientsgrams of protein
2 slices of pudding5.6g
2 rashers7.4g
3 sausages9.9g
1 egg6g
2 slices of toast5g
Total grams of protein33.9g

It seems gratuitous to eat a meal which has a high carbon footprint, when it doesn’t even provide optimal nutrition.

So my new resolution? From now on, my fancy-schmancy breakfast of choice shall be eggs.

But on Those Days when I Just Want A Fry … I could

a) just have my faves: pudding and sausages

b) or try having just one of each of the meats.

These eco-friendly tweaks produce less than half the carbon footprint, and the body can process the protein more efficiently.

‘One of each’ modelgrams of protein
1 slice of black pudding2.8g
1 rasher3.7g
1 sausage3.3g
1 egg6g
2 slices of toast5g
Total grams of protein20.8g
My favesgrams of protein
2 slices of pudding5.6g
3 sausages9.9g
2 slices of toast5g
Total grams of protein20.5g

Speaking of, now it’s time to get off this computer and have some food. Yum!


Carbon Footprint of Pork Industry