What does 20g protein look like? – vegetarian & vegan

Most of us should eat at least 20g of protein in every meal. Here’s a list of common vegetarian & vegan protein sources, with required portion size & approximate price included. Hrrrrmm… now all I want is a Fulfil bar… ! 🙂

FoodPortion req. for 20g proteinLooks LikeCost per portion / €Category
Protein powder30gone serving spoon1.51vegan
Fulfil bar20g1 bar2.99vegetarian
Feta cheese121g just over half a pack0.78vegetarian
Quorn138g just under half a pack3.45vegan
Eggs - whole150g3 medium eggs0.8vegetarian
Egg - whites150ml5 egg whites1.33vegetarian
Tofu167g just under half a pack1.25vegan
Cottage cheese179g 1 pack0.47vegetarian
Fat-free Greek yoghurt194g just under half a container1.2vegetarian
Kidney beans260gjust over 1 can0.7488vegan
Ricotta cheese285ga little more than 1 pack1.98vegetarian
Chickpeas298g1 and a 1/4 can0.36vegan
Lentils322g 1 and 1/3 can0.95vegan
Baked beans476g 1 can and a bit0.44vegan
Milk - cow588mla pint & a small glass0.62vegetarian
Milk - soy666mla pint & a glass1.44vegan