Harp Flight Case Dimensions

If I need to fly, I transport my Paddy Cafferky harp in a custom-built hard case built by Ray Doherty . I have fit this case into the following vehicles:

a Peugeot 206 3-door

a Toyota Corolla 3-door

a Seat Arona FR TSI

In all of the above cars, I put the back seats down, and voilà! There’s space for the harp case, my luggage (sometimes more luggage, depending on the vehicle) plus driver and 1 passenger. If you’re transporting me and my harp case, here are the dimensions.

Length: 134cm
Height: 97cm at front, 49cm at back
Depth: 22cm at front, 55cm at back
Side view: largest dimension of harp case is the length. Note slanted top. Length: 134cm Height: 97cm at front, 49cm at back.
Front view: Harp case at tallest and narrowest dimensions. Height: 97cm Depth: 22cm
Back view: Harp case at deepest and shortest dimensions. Height: 49cm Depth: 55cm